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Always Look A Gift Horse In The Mouth

I have been away for a long time. We got rid of home internet for a while< and when we finally crawled our way back out of the 16th century I have been really busy. I have had a lot … Continue reading

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Rock Beats Everything

Sundays are MB’s day to sleep in.¬† So I was up with Rose at 6:30 this morning. It wasn’t enough that I was up, but she had a diaper that could have been used in chemical warfare. I “being the … Continue reading

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You what?

So there I was, sitting in the living room reading comic books literature. My wife was gone for the night, she likes¬† to sing with her chorus on Tuesday nights. I had been reading for less than five minutes when … Continue reading

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You Can’t Take The Sky From Me

Okay I promise I will start posting more often. I am slowly climb up the edge of the world I fell off of. Not a whole lot to write about right now. I am working a lot of over time … Continue reading

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All You Need Is “Uff”

You know, like the song, but change love to uff and that’s it. Confused? Perhaps I should explain. I am extremely proud to have taught Rose love. Anytime you look at her and say love, she looks back at you … Continue reading

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I Am Back, From Outer Space.

I wasn’t really in outer space, but I have been gone for so long it feels like it. I assure you that Rose, Mommy Boots, and myself are all doing just fine. I wish I could tell you that we … Continue reading

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Dialect Vlog with Mommy Boots

Mommy Boots and I decided to do this dialect vlog together. Enjoy! The Words: Aluminum, Dunce, Wagon, Carolina, Later, Misery, Told, Brother, Lord, Beer, Homemaker, Vacuum, Washer, Respond The Questions: 1. What are the locals called where you are from? … Continue reading

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