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You what?

So there I was, sitting in the living room reading comic books literature. My wife was gone for the night, she likesĀ  to sing with her chorus on Tuesday nights. I had been reading for less than five minutes when … Continue reading

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Sons of Anarchy Have Nothing On Rose

This is Rose. As many of you know she is a Pirate, Paci-trafficking smuggler (I think I found one of her many possible hiding spots), Ape Tamer, all around sweet girl, and I guess we may have to add bad … Continue reading

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A fellow with the inventiveness of Albert Einstein, but the attention span of Daffy Duck

Today was a very good day. Mommy Boots was at work and Rose and I had to entertain ourselves. We ended up going down town with our friend Deborah, and walking around for an hour or so. I promise she … Continue reading

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Getting Recharged In The Sun (like Superman)

So after our family started feeling better we went out to the park. We all still felt a little puny. So we didn’t stay long, just got some fresh air. We slowly made our way to the play ground. Just … Continue reading

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Day at the park

Yesterday I took Rose to one of our local parks. We met Deb there with her dog Anya (which she was taking to the dog park anyways). We walked in the dog park for a while and watched them play, … Continue reading

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