All You Need Is “Uff”

You know, like the song, but change love to uff and that’s it. Confused? Perhaps I should explain.

I am extremely proud to have taught Rose love. Anytime you look at her and say love, she looks back at you with her beautiful eyes declaring “uff” and pats you on the chest over your heart.

No matter how bad of a day I have had it all disappears when I walk through that door and hear Hi Da!, and as soon as she is in my arms her saying “uff” as she pats my chest or gives me a hug.


And then she jams her finger in my ear (I may have taught her the art of the Wet Willie also)  There is never a dull, or love deprived moment here at the Green house. So if you are ever having a bad day, or could just use some cheering up, come on by. Rose has plenty of Uff to spare.





This has been your daily dose of cute. The cute was brought to you By Rose, the  letter W, and the man that makes awesome kids.

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1 Response to All You Need Is “Uff”

  1. Mommy Boots says:

    That’s my girl.

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