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Rose’s Morning Shenanigans

I have no idea what has gotten in to my little Rosebud this morning. I don’t know if she ate a whole pack of cookies or what.  She has been going non stop. She started walking well yesterday. By well … Continue reading

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Here I Come To Save The Day!

Today i had to take a four hour training class on my day off. So Mommy Boots watched our little Rosebud until I was finished. Once I got home she had to leave to be with her coven chorus. (they … Continue reading

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You Are Not Dating Till You’re Older

Rose and I went to the park a couple of days ago. It has a huge playground that she likes to explore. So she and I went by ourselves. It was a very warm day and there were a few … Continue reading

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An Expert of Fashion Daddy Green Is Not

So yesterday Rose and I spent the whole day together. Mommy Boots was going to be on the news early in the morning so she took the car. (I didn’t feel like waking myself or Rose up at four) So … Continue reading

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Who Needs A Sword To Slay A Dragon?

So I was telling Rose about the vicious dragon that I slayed in my youth. It is a pretty intense story. When I got to the parts where the dragon spoke and I used my “dragon voice” she loved it. … Continue reading

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Only A Fool Wakes A Sleeping Dragon

Rose is a sleeper. She always takes good naps and goes down for bed time easy. That is just one of her traits. she likes her sleep. That being said she rarely get a good nap in the morning, because … Continue reading

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Bed Time At The Green House.

“Whoever thinks of going to bed before twelve o’clock is a scoundrel.” -Samuel Johnson We have a pretty strict bedtime routine here at the Green house. Rose generally eats dinner around six thirty.After that it is time to brush our … Continue reading

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