Luck Has A Habbit of Finding Us

Well I got a new job. It is better hours, and way better pay than I had. It came at just the right time and I got very lucky that it was offered. So that is a huge stress relief for me and MB.

There isn’t much more than that to talk about  right now.  I am enjoying my last weekday off for a while. Rose and I have been playing all morning and she just went down for a nap.

She has been  in a fantastic mood today. I mean I generally have the most relaxed easy going daughter in the universe, but today she is exceptionally happy.

She has been saying hi, bye, and blowing kisses to everyone that is within eye shot of her.

She has also turned into the flash when she does something cute and makes it next to immpossible to take a picture of her.

That is of course until you remove her hat…

To anyone that knows the family. You will agree that she has received in her genes of cuteness the Green Stare (her uncle Ryan knows it well)

I know  this is a boring post. There are no mountain  leaping crickets, zombies, or tales of chasing snakes through swamps, but it has been a laid back couple of days.

I hope all are well.

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