You Can’t Take The Sky From Me

Okay I promise I will start posting more often. I am slowly climb up the edge of the world I fell off of. Not a whole lot to write about right now. I am working a lot of over time at work so what time i do have has been spent on the family (and maybe comic books ssshhhh)

We did go down to my friend Viet’s yesterday. He was having a Thriller themed B-Day celebration. My parents watched Rose over night. They have watched her once before over night, but at the time I was working nights…so in the past 17 months Mommy Boots and I have not had an entire night alone. We have had a random dinner or movie (like six times), but never a whole night. We really enjoyed the party. We met a lot of new fun people and look forward to doing it again. However, we also missed her. We missed the bed time routine, and bedtime kisses and snuggles…The night alone was nice too

Rose has a healthy imagination all of a sudden. This is awesome for me because I pride my self on a good imagination. She also may be a bit of a dork (I blame her mother)

She has taken to playing with her mother’s Sigh…okay they’re mine. She has taken to playing with my action figures. Why do I a grown man have action figures? MIND YOUR OWN BUSINESS!

She plays with action figures. Particularly The Firefly characters (yeah she is Goram Awesome) By play I don’t mean carry them around. I mean she will sit it the entrance hall for twenty minutes.

She will sit there by herself for twenty minutes making them walk around, and shoot each other. She also mumbles under breath the whole time and makes them talk and laugh with each other…..She may also like Smackin’em….

These are her favorite toys right now. Not barbies, not dolls, not her ponies, or kitchen sets. It is her Firefly characters.

She also likes playing with the Marvel Legends Thing, and Hulk figures…If the geek in you did not allow you to properly appreciate the awesome that is her new talent, then I shall post a video of some baby laughs….Don’t mind me at the end. I did not want MB to film me in my underwear. I figured I would save you all from that.


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3 Responses to You Can’t Take The Sky From Me

  1. LOL OMG this is too cute!!! And I’m sure you have watched Firefly with her in the room? When I babysat her we watched it all day together!!! LOL She loves the opening theme song!!! LOL She has def inherited the dorkness from her dad!!! LOL

  2. Cocktails of History and Prose says:

    Action figures? I see nothing wrong with that. 🙂

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