I Am Back, From Outer Space.

I wasn’t really in outer space, but I have been gone for so long it feels like it.

I assure you that Rose, Mommy Boots, and myself are all doing just fine. I wish I could tell you that we were all off on some crazy caper like hijacking a truck full of raccoon hats and eye patches or something like that, but alas…We are all doing the same ole fun things that we normally do.

Rose is running now, and that is fucking terrifying pretty awesome.

She has also started doing some fun things. For instance when she gets naked for her bath we generally let her run around. Well the last few days she has taken to walking down the hallway smacking here naked thigh and stomping her foot as is she was at some nudest hoedown hootenanny. It of course is not appropriate for my blog. So you do not get any of that.

However, because I have been gone for so long and you all deserve it you get to witness MB getting stuck on the porch, and doing a piss poor Rerun dance to get in…Enjoy.


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2 Responses to I Am Back, From Outer Space.

  1. Becky says:

    We also let The Punkin run around naked at bathtime. This culminated in her taking her clothes off in the bathroom at daycare and running around her classroom shouting “I a naked baby! I a naked baby!”

  2. BWAAAAHAHAHAHA She needs lessons from Ransom on the Rerun dance!

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