A wise man turns chance into good fortune

It has been a while since my last post. A lot of changes has happened around the Green house.For starters my Rosebud is now running around everywhere…I mean everywhere, my Nana is still holding on and we are expecting the worst pretty much every day, and I am in the middle of a career change.  The job thing is for the best. I was good at the job, but there were a lot of things that I did not like about it, and I had problems with a lot of it. I guess I was just not made for it as a career. I do give thanks to the Gods that it came when it did. It was needed at the time and it served it’s purpose, but life goes on, and the job will stay behind.

Being off of the crazy schedule means I will get more time for these types of events. I will get way more family time and recreation  time. MB and I will get our afternoons together again and things can get back to how they were a little.

Last weekend Mb wanted to go see a movie. So I volunteered to watch our friend’s Daughter and Rose together so they could go see it. My Friend Ryan brought Liam and the fun ensued.

Rose showed off her toys….

Bella took said toys in a fit of glee

Liam walked around with a basket on his head.

Rose was very upset to see them go. The place still looks like a daycare and I am still finding Cheerio’s in places we did not know we had, but I would do it again in a heart beat. It is too much fun watching toddlers interact with each other.

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6 Responses to A wise man turns chance into good fortune

  1. daddygreen says:

    I really hate WordPress right now. I had to get rid of three pictures and half of a post because it kept screwing with it. I will elaborate on what I wanted to say in this one soon.

  2. Well I got to see the whole post and all the pictures in the email feed! Rose is a cutie! And I love your outlook and attitude about your career change. I don’t know if MB told you, but my husband lost his job about 2 months ago… it’s hard, of course, but was awesome having him home – and sounds like it will be wonderful family time for you guys too. My husband starts a new job tomorrow. Keep your hopes up!

  3. A J says:

    Sorry about the job, but I agree, life goes on and you gotta make the most of it. If you enjoy toddlers, you’d love my job…teaching. 🙂

  4. I love these pictures. Too cute. Toddlers “playing” together is adorable. We have twin girls next door (sorta) that are only a few months older than M and I love watching the 3 of them interact.

    As for the job – rumor has it your luck has already turned… so congrats!

  5. mommyLIT says:

    Bella is plotting to steal that giant ape. But… erm…..I wasn’t supposed to tell you about it. Shit. I have blown the operation.

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