She Is A Regular Sherlock

I am extremely o.c.d. an organized person. All of my personal items have their home.

I have given up on my dvd organization for obvious reasons. However, my keys have a resting place as soon as I come through the door, my wallet, shoes, ect.

I know where all of my items are, or where they are supposed to be. I am an extremely organized person. That being said, I am terrible at searching for things. If they are not where they are supposed to be then it is obvious that only one person knows where they are. Mommy Boots! She had to move them, because I always put them right here….

I am kind of awesome a pain in the ass that way. It would go a llittle something like this.

I walk into the living room to get my keys.

DG: Lamby Toes have you hidden my keys moved my keys for some reason?

MB: Nope. Have you looked for them?

While standing  in the exact same spot.

DG: Yes. I have looked in the only spot they should be everywhere

You get the idea. MB will come in and help me find them find them for me. You can see how frustrating that could be, and I love her for putting up with my laziness. Well the other day I needed a copy of our marriage license.  It is supposed to be in a blue red folder in the closet where I MB put it.

I went in there to get it while she was at work. I looked on the top shelf for the blue folder, where it was supposed to be, and it wasn’t there. hhhmmm I thought wonder where it is, I thought. Instead of continuing the search I texted MB and asked if she knew where it was. She said she did not, it is supposed to be in the closet, and she would look for it when she got home.

Of course you do not know where it is, you lost it, I thought to my self, and I started searching. I stripped the closet. I looked on the shelf that we keep our bills on, I looked in the front closet, I looked under the couch, I looked in the closet again, I looked under the bed, I looked in the closet again, I think I looked in the fucking refrigerator, I looked in the closet again…

There was only one explanation… MB lost it! I sat there frustrated the rest of the day. When we got home I was tending to Rose and MB told us she was going to look for Eldarado the marriage license. Good luck, I tore that closet apart. It is gone, I told her.

I followed her in there to watch her not find it. She opened the closet door, bent down, picked up a not blue folder red folder, turned around and handed it to me, then asked what we were going to do for dinner as she walked away (probably with a huge smile on her face)…

She is a Goddess among normal women for being able to put up with me. I coulda swore it was a blue folder…

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4 Responses to She Is A Regular Sherlock

  1. mommyLIT says:

    Lamby toes….bahahahaha

  2. From here on out I will be referring to your wife as Lamby toes the Goddess. Also? I think it must be a man thing. My husband does the exact same thing – oh, something is not exactly where I thought it was? It is gone. Forever. Life might as well be over.

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