Special News Report

We interrupt your normal viewing schedule to bring you this special report. The fugitive know as Dr. Zaius, also a known member of The Dirty Diaper Gang was apprehended today.

Reports say that he was found drunk at a local pub with the Dreaded Rose The Red trying her damnedest to wake him up.

Get up you damned dirty ape!
The pirate escaped, but had to leave her first mate behind.




I swear you better not rat us out. SNITCHES GET STITCHES!

When he woke he was very cooperative when offered bananas. He gave up a stash location.



We found several Pacis hid in the trunk of Rose’s bike. She did escape under the kitchen table. She is slicker than we once thought.



Reports say that the Ape will be place in witness protection and given a new Identity.

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