Rose’s Morning Shenanigans

I have no idea what has gotten in to my little Rosebud this morning. I don’t know if she ate a whole pack of cookies or what.  She has been going non stop. She started walking well yesterday. By well i mean she can walk down the hallway if she wants to. (and it doesn’t matter if a certain Mommy Boots believes it or not).


She has been cruising all through the house today. She has been chasing the cats, chasing her bouncy balls, screaming like a mad woman as she casually strolls down the hallway.

She is having a good time all by her self While i fold clothes, and do general cleaning up around here.

Occasionally she will stop and want me to read her a book about colors, or watch a few minutes of the movie i have on for back ground noise.

She knows what she can touch and what she can’t and she is testing her limits. She will get right next to the box fan or the movie towers and sit down. She then stares at me as if asking permission. I tell her no and she puts her little hands an inch from them, but doesn’t touch them.  I think she is making distractions so i don’t notice what The Dirty Diaper Gang are up to.

She has been riding Murder all by herself this morning. She doesn’t move at high speed like when I push her, but she is cruising a little bit.

So I was folding laundry and I heard a squeaking sound. It was an unusual sound that warranted investigation.

I went into the bathroom to find her standing like this.

She was taking all of the toilet paper off the roll. Apparently this is loads of fun because when she saw me she pointed shouting DA! and then started laughing hysterically.

I could not help but take a picture of it instead of explaining that it is something we don’t do.


So It is going to take a while to explain that we need to leave the butt paper on the roll. I mean, how could you turn down this much fun. We played with it for a few minutes before I cleaned it up and we went back to the living room.

I hope she slows down a little bit today so I can get some things done.

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3 Responses to Rose’s Morning Shenanigans

  1. Michelle says:

    Ha! Sounds like a fun morning. I am loving this stage- I love how curious and excited about everything they are. And how interesting and complicated they are getting.

  2. Shemaiah says:

    Oh yes, this is a right of passage, I believe. ian would probably still find it amusing to unroll the toilet paper.

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