The Goddess of Fortune Truely Smiled Upon Me Today

I may end up getting into a fist fight this weekend, but it was worth it. I am a lead foot by nature. It is something i have come to except, and I am okay with that. However, since Rose I have started driving extremely carefully, and I rarely speed. If I do it is no more than 5 mph over because i do not realize it is happening.

Today Rose and I were on our way to pick Mommy Boots up. I noticed a few cars behind us was a truck weaving in and out of traffic. It was coming up fast and got right on my bumper. I usually would be angry, but I just thought man this guy must be in a hurry. I couldn’t get over so I started doing 5 mph over thinking I would help him out.

He kept riding my ass. So I slowed down and did the speed limit exactly and he backed off. I thought he got the hint. So I got back to doing 5 mph over again, and he immediately started riding my ass again.

I went into a murderous rage got a little upset. I dropped down to 5 mph under the speed limit and cruised there until he passed me. As he was passing me I kept expecting him to give me an “I’m sorry I am a douchebag” look, but instead he looked at me as if my very presence on the road was an insult. He just kept glaring at me and almost rear ended some one.

Then he sped off. A few miles up the road I noticed flashing blue lights, and saw the bag-o-douche pulled over by the fuzz. I never do this sort of thing, but i figured the Goddess of fortune was kind enough to allow me to. So I slowed down before turning off, enough for him to take notice.

When he did look over with his best sour puss face on, I gave him a big toothy grin and waved at him….I may be a bit of an ass.

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