Here I Come To Save The Day!

Today i had to take a four hour training class on my day off. So Mommy Boots watched our little Rosebud until I was finished. Once I got home she had to leave to be with her coven chorus. (they have a competition this weekend) I played for a while with Rose. Then let her entertain her self in the living room while I did some things Mommy Boots tricks me into doing chores. I was emptying the dish washer when I heard Rose start crying. Now I know my daughter’s cries. She has her I am hungry grunts and then the screams of impending doom….This was the later. So I rushed in to the living room. What was causing the end of her world?

This bad boy. It is a laugh and learn activity table. I know, it doesn’t look very scary. Well here is the thing. We had it in between the couch and the rocker. It wasn’t budging.

She crawled under it to get a little blue ball and sat up…or tried to sit up. My daughter got stuck under this thing. To hear her screaming you would think she was the guy from 127 Hours and was going to have to cut her leg off to get out.

I was so scared by her sounds I did not see the initial humor in the situation. I threw the rocker into the dinning room and lifted it off of her. I picked her up and she had huge crocidile tears running down her cheeks. She threw her arms around my neck and sobbed (I am evil for considering doing this every day to get that feeling…I didn’t say I was going to do it, but it did cross my mind)

I sat her back down when she calmed down, and she started smacking the hell out of the machine. She looked like she was punishing it the way she was hitting it.

Anytime after this that I left her sight she started getting worried.  Once she saw me again she would applaud smiling while shouting Da….It is good to be a hero. Even if it is for something so simple.

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1 Response to Here I Come To Save The Day!

  1. The Compulsive Writer says:

    This was a great story…but I have to say, my favorite part was when you were emptying the dishwasher. 🙂

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