You Are Not Dating Till You’re Older

Rose and I went to the park a couple of days ago. It has a huge playground that she likes to explore. So she and I went by ourselves. It was a very warm day and there were a few kids there with their moms. We swung and played on the slides. Then we started walking around the cat walks and playing with all the whirling spinning shite they have around every corner.

A woman was walking up with her son that looked like he was around the same age as Rose. He stopped dead in his tracks and watched her play the wind chimes they have hung up. She turned and saw him, and pointed and actually looked as though she was gesturing him to join her.

He looked up at me and I think was a little frightened (as he should be) and did not join her. Instead he walked off towards the slides. Rose took off at a run while holding my hand chasing him. I have never seen her act that way around any kid before. She followed him around for twenty minutes before losing interest.

I know she just wanted a pal, but my little voice inside my head (daddy green may be a little crazy) told me that in what seems like no time she is going to want to date boys

DG: When she is like thirty right?

VOICE: No you twit it will be sooner than that so you might as well be prepared.

Sigh…I shall be prepared…To have some heart to hearts with her would be suitors.


On a slightly more adventurous note. We met Obi-Wan Kenobi at the playground.

We were walking the cat walks and this little boy jumps out from around the corner.

Kid: Hi, I am Obi-Wan Kenobi.

I didn’t even skip a beat

DG: Greetings Obi-Wan, I am Lord Telicus and this is Lady Survillia of the Sith.

Rose: (points at kid) dabababa psst hehe

Kid:AAAHHHHHHHHH!  SITH!(runs away)

So I may frighten children, but not really. He got a kick out of it and started tailing us.  He hung around us for probably thirty minutes, playing with us from a distance.

Sorry, this post just got a little random…..



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