Joining Forces

Any of you that know me even a little bit know that i let my dork flag fly. I enjoy comic books, sci-fi, Role Playing, ect. I have enjoyed these things pretty much forever. The combination of these things have given me a good imagination, and have made me pretty creative. (tooting own horn)

I have about a million stories floating around in my head doing nothing, but entertaining my daughter. I have always wanted to have them written down, but there is a problem…


It is true. I know it is and i am not ashamed of the fact. I am a bad writer. However (prepare for more horn tooting) I am a good story teller. I am gifted in that way. I can tell a story about shopping at wal mart and find a way to make you interested. I just have to be telling you the story not writing it for you.

Back in the day when i was part owner of a comic book store one of my best friends Ryan and I kinda played around with the idea of teaming up to tackle a novel. It would work, I thought, because Ryan is a very gifted scribe, and I am a good story teller.

We never did anything with it. Until now that is. We started a book two weeks ago. A fantasy novel to be more precise, and it is coming along beautifully. It could easily turn into a series of stories. Once we have a few more chapters down we are going to send it off to see what we can make of it.

If this collaboration works out you could see lots more of us. I have literally hundreds of ideas that need to be turned into something.

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