An Expert of Fashion Daddy Green Is Not

So yesterday Rose and I spent the whole day together. Mommy Boots was going to be on the news early in the morning so she took the car. (I didn’t feel like waking myself or Rose up at four) So we spent the day at home. We played outside, went for a long walk, played with our new ball, and generally had a good time as we always do. (slaying dragons and such)

Mommy Boots informed me that she was going to be on the radio later that evening and she would take Rose since I had prior engagements. Make sure she is in something super cute, Mommy Boots said to me.That is a silly thing to say, I thought, everything she wears is super cute.

So we played and had fun all day, and then I got her dressed. She sat there on her changing table after getting her shoes put on. I stepped back and with a triumphant nod I new it was the perfect outfit. Super Cute as requested I thought to my self.

So we went outside and waited for Mommy Boots to pull up. As I put her in the car I noticed a blank stare on my lovely wife’s face. Must be shock by the awesomness that is the outfit I designed for our beautiful daughter Ithought. I climbed into the front seat to see my wife’s blank stare turned to a forced half smile.

DG: What’s wrong? Is the car hissing again?!?

MB: Nothing… .. .

DG: What? Something is wrong.

MB: That sure is a cute out fit…heh heh… .. .

DG: Thanks…wait…Are you being sarcastic?

MB: (smiles blankly)

DG: What’s wrong with it? I matched up the pink shades.

MB: You have stripes and pokadots. You are not supposed to do that.,

DG: I am not a moron. I know you are not supposed to do that (gives smug face) They aren’t pokadots, they are little hearts (smiles triumphantly)

MB: It is the same thing…

DG: huh?

MB: It is basically the same thing.

DG: (frantically searches brain for correct answer)

MB: It is ok really

DG:(found answer) Well don’t insult me. She picked it out.

MB: She is barely one. I don’t think she picked it out.

DG: (hangs head in shame) I Thought it was cute….there is a change of clothes in the diaper bag…

MB: It is ok if there isn’t. A Wal Mart bag would look better than the circus outfit she is wearing.


MB: Would ice cream end this conversation

DG: Somewhat yes…

So that is why I will never place colored pants on Rose again. She will wear jeans, brown pants, or overalls when I dress her…or I could study fashion. However, if I start doing well I wouldn’t get ice cream. It is a conundrum for sure…

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1 Response to An Expert of Fashion Daddy Green Is Not

  1. I heard about this. Hahaha. I NEED A PICTURE!

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