Yo Ho Ho And A Bottle of Milk

I figured it was about time we introduced you to The Dirty Diaper Gang.

Her best mate and adviser Aticus Fox. He works hand in paw with Rose in all of her scheming. He slips through her bars in her prison cell crib easily to ruin all nap attempts. I also believe him responsible for the hiding of several stolen paci’s.

He is to be considered cute and very dangerous.  REWARD: 5 Ritz Crackers

Rose’s mutinous first mate Dr. Ziaus. He is as strong as he is ugly. The only reason he hasn’t attempted to take over the crew is he can not put the bottle down long enough. Do not think just because he is a drunk that he can be taken easily. He has escaped from four high security zoos. He is to be considered drunk on Blue Moon, Rum, and will be found by banana trees if on land. REWARD: one string cheese stick.



Rose’s master at arms Lon Chaney. Lon is a skilled hunter and butt sniffer. He enjoys drinking from the toilet, and eating towns people that carry pitch forks. He is never far from his captains side. Every  time she is imprisoned laid in her crib he is right there with her. Ever faithful protector, we are working on a way to bribe him with milk bones. Lon Chaney is to be considered dangerous for he has a nasty bite and on a full moon may turn into one of the ugliest men ever. Reward: handful of goldfish crackers.

Rose’s double agent Lucile Bunn. Lucile, we thought was working to help us take down the dirty diaper gang. However, she was feeding Aticus information the whole time. She is an expert con bunny and is to be considered very cuddly. Reward: one carrot stick, and a lucky rabbits foot.


Finally Rose The Red her self. Rose enjoys fighting chimps, hiding paci’s and shoes, and playing in the park. She has been known to dine at Chili’s. We have been given recent information by an informant that she doesn’t always nap at her Gran’s and sometimes partakes in forbidden junk food there. She plays cute, but trust me she is as tough as they come with a stare that would make the mightiest warrior look away. She is to be considered too cute for words, and quite possibly the coolest baby in the world.

If you should see any member of The Dirty Diaper Gang please do not try to apprehend them your self. Alert us immediately.

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3 Responses to Yo Ho Ho And A Bottle of Milk

  1. mommyLIT says:

    I saw the whole gang last night. I WANT MY REWARDS.

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