Who Needs A Sword To Slay A Dragon?

So I was telling Rose about the vicious dragon that I slayed in my youth. It is a pretty intense story. When I got to the parts where the dragon spoke and I used my “dragon voice” she loved it.

She started laughing so hard. So we put the story on hold and I put her on the ground. I started crawling behind her as the dragon, chasing her through the house. Every time I caught her I would “chew on her belly” and she couldn’t escape she just laughed until she couldn’t stand it anymore.

I would let her go and do it all over again. Chasing her all through the house.

Finally she crawled down the hallway to a closed door at the end. She stood there looking at me, grinning. I crawled ever so slowly toward her telling her how tasty she was going to be. Every step I took she giggled a little more. I got close enough to her to “chew on her belly” and she slowly leaned out and kissed me right on the forehead.

I was taken by surprise, and stopped what I was doing. I was confused. She let out a battle cry shrieked and I crawled away as she gave chase. Every time she caught me she kissed me on the forehead.

If you can’t slay a dragon folks just make it run away with sweetness.

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