Rose The Red Strikes Again

So earlier today I noticed Rose had noticed the IPOD. It stays docked on the stereo all the time. She knows how to work the controller to turn on the music, but today was the first day that she noticed it. Well, she wanted it.,…bad. The stereo however, was just out of reach. She stretched and stretched, but just couldn’t get to it. She crawled off and that was the end of it…or so I thought.

She went into the bathroom and started reaching for the counter. I figured she wanted to brush her teeth (which she loves to do) So I gave her the brush and she started chewing on it. She bolted out of the bathroom with it (we don’t let her crawl with it) , and went straight to the stereo.

My little thief used the toothbrush as a reaching stick, grabbed the stereo with the bristles, and pulled it to her. She easily grabbed the IPOD and started playing with it victoriously.

I was taken back by her problem solving. I mean there was no doubt that was exactly what she meant to do. She did it too quickly for it to be random. I just sat there realizing that she was smarter than me and let her enjoy her small victory.

It is no wonder her crew of miscreants chose her as captain…

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1 Response to Rose The Red Strikes Again

  1. Shemaiah says:

    That is awesome! I love it when they totally shock you with their skills!

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