Hi Da!

Rose has started saying hi. Mostly to the cats. Every time she rounds a corner and one is sitting there she lets out a HHIIIIIIIIII, which usually send the feline bolting away as if he just saw a legion of undead walking his way.

She alos has just started calling me Da. No more dada or daddy for her, she just calls me Da.

Just about every time I come into the room now she looks up, points, and lets out a hi Da. It pretty much makes my world.

She isn’t saying much right now. She kinda says cat, Mama, Da, hi, and she knows how to use them. I swear that when I gave her a ritz cracker earlier she almost said thank you. She certainly had a look of gratitude while trying to say what ever it was “she had the cracker in her mouth at the time”

I am in no rush for her to start speaking. Honestly I am fine with hi Da for right now. As her vocabulary increases she will probably say it less and less. So for now I am just savoring that.

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2 Responses to Hi Da!

  1. Shemaiah says:

    That’s adorable! Savoring it is a very good idea šŸ˜‰

  2. Jared Karol says:

    Joshua, how awesome for you and your little girl. I remember when my kids first started speaking, and yes indeed to–> “So for now I am just savoring that” because a year from now they’ll be saying almost full sentences but with a lot of attitude behind ’em. Lots of fun always. . .

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