Bed Time At The Green House.

“Whoever thinks of going to bed before twelve o’clock is a scoundrel.”

-Samuel Johnson

We have a pretty strict bedtime routine here at the Green house. Rose generally eats dinner around six thirty.After that it is time to brush our teeth.

Rose love brushing her teeth. To the point that when you take the brush from her to help out she gets really upset. (vicious Independence streak)

After that it is bath time. She has several toys she likes to play with in the bathtub. Recently she started playing with marvel action figures.

One made it to her bath play time.

That’s right. It is the ever loving blue eyed Thing. Ben Grimm to the rest of you. She loves playing in the tub and would probably stay in there until she shriveled up like a raisin if we let her.

Once we get her dried off we get her pj’s on while her fox runs around her Mama trying to get to Rose. She hears me make the scampering sound from across the room and starts cackling. She loves it.

Then Mommy Boots or my self tell her a story. Mommy Boots has several books that she reads to her, and I make mine up. She cuddles up with us and listens. Occasionally making us kiss fox while she hugs him. Then before eight we lay her down to put herself to sleep. With Fox, Rabbit, and Lon Chaney laying with her.

90% of the time this happens without a fuss and looks something like this within ten minutes.

For several months she has been sleeping a good 11 to 12 hours before waking. (we earned or sleep deprived stripes too)

A dump truck driving through a nitroglycerin factory would not wake this child up. When she is out she is out.

We have had parties, and played rock band loudly with friends, and she doesn’t make a peep. I think she may be some sort of mutant, but I am not complaining.

Around six in the morning we are awakened to her babbling at her crib friends. Then I walk in the a hi DA and a smile. It is pretty awesome.

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1 Response to Bed Time At The Green House.

  1. Viet says:

    She might be part sleepopotamus.

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