We Will We Will Rock You

We play Rock Band with Dave and Deborah.

Deb on bass, Dave on guitar, Mommy Boots on keyboard. Tonight however, we found a new vocalist.

Ladies and gentlemen, Rose is here to rock you.

Rose: Oh mama I’m in fear for my life  from the long arm of the law.

She loved singing while her new band played.


Everybody sing! Lawman has put an end to my running and I’m so far from my home.

Rose: Deborah I do not think they are fans of Styx. Maybe something a little softer for them.

Rose: Stuck in a corner

Are monkeys in cages…..wait I am not singing Coldplay they suck






I know my little rocker was not happy when bed time came. A time she usually has no problem with.

Her adoring fans will just have to wait till morning. I am the worst daddy ever in her world right now. Not even stories of trolls under bridges from my youth could make her cuddle with me….

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2 Responses to We Will We Will Rock You

  1. Katie says:

    Rock Band is the No. 1 cause of night time tantrums in my household.
    “Just one more song mom, Pleeeeeeeeeeeease?”
    ME: ONE! Then straight to bed.
    *one hour later*
    “Mooooom! Just ONE more? Just one? I will go to bed EARLY tomorrow? PLEASE?

    and repeat.


  2. daddygreen says:

    hahaha. Well she can’t argue yet. She just looks pitiful and sad. She knows how to work me

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