Attila The Bun

Today I learned something. It is not wise to expect to enjoy a delicious ice blended mocha from Starbucks in front of Rose. I mean who could blame her? It looks like a milk shake. We were doing some light shopping at Target and I purchased one. I had to walk behind Mommy Boots because Rose wanted it so bad.

This went on for about five minutes. Neither of us could distract her. Then she got distracted by someone else. She heard him calling to her from the endcap of a kitchen isle. He spoke words so comforting and inspiring that she had to get a closer look.

Who was this baby whispering master orator?

His name is Attila. Attila The Bun. She saw this sippie cup and when we handed Attila to her she immediately started giggling. (Attila was known for making people laugh hysterically with his humor wasn’t he?)

She just carried him around and patted him on the head and Attila made it all better.

I think he may be a bad influence, because while she wasn’t crying for my delicious caffeinated beverage she was looking at it.

Daddy Green: Rose, coffee belongs to the adults.

Rose: (looked at me as if saying) It belongs to who ever is strong enough to take it.

Daddy Green: Sweetness, your stare is a bit unnerving

Attila: Stares blankly

When we were in the parking lot we took him away to put some juice in him for her. She cried so hard that it shook the very heavens. (she has a mighty yawp) She has never cried like that for anything. We gave Attila back to her and she just pet him instead of drinking from him.







She loves her new friend. Atticus Fox, Dr Zaius the Chimp, and Lon Chaney the Wolf need to look out. Rose may have a new best friend. She ended up sleeping with him tonight.

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2 Responses to Attila The Bun

  1. Katie says:

    Honestly, it kind of speaks to me too!

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