A fellow with the inventiveness of Albert Einstein, but the attention span of Daffy Duck

Today was a very good day. Mommy Boots was at work and Rose and I had to entertain ourselves. We ended up going down town with our friend Deborah, and walking around for an hour or so.

I promise she was looking at the camera when I took the picture. In her defense there is a lot going on that  you can not see. I also told her that i would let you know she was going to look at the camera, but she was gearing herself up to fight the zombies that are about to come at her.

It was a gorgeous day out. At the end of February and it was almost 70 degrees. I know right? What kinda fuckery is that?

After down town she and I came home and she took a good nap while I didn’t clean the house at all. We picked Mommy Boots up from work and we all went to Chili’s for a family dinner. Rose has demanded (without saying anything) that she is too big for a high chair and was very happy sitting in the bench next to me.

Again, she was staring right at the camera when we took this. She sometimes loves pictures and hams it up, and other times she has no attention span for it. (she gets that from her mother I think)

I am going to try and research a way to make kids look at the camera (before the age that threats work), and I am going to make millions. I first need to find out where it originates from and then I can build on a way to prevent it. I think it comes from her mother. So I need to probe that aspect I think.

Here is the second attempt at a good pic of us.

I don’t know where she gets it…

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