Getting Recharged In The Sun (like Superman)

So after our family started feeling better we went out to the park. We all still felt a little puny. So we didn’t stay long, just got some fresh air.

We slowly made our way to the play ground. Just in case you are confused, that is a picture of me walking Rose. It is not ACTUALLY Captain America.


Rose took her first two steps by her self yesterday. She was very excited. SO everywhere we went yesterday she was doing the walking.



`We did have to stop in the field and graze a bit. Get back some of the nutrients that we had lost. Rose loves the grass. She could sit in the same spot for hours just picking the grass and watching it blow away.






She also discovered the joys of a slide. Climbing up, sliding down, repeat. She would stay on it as long as we let her.

It will be slightly less exhausting when she can do it all by herself, but I am sure it will be a little less fun then.





We had to take a break because an older boy wanted to use the slide. We sat around watching the other kids play a while and then went home for a light dinner (all we could stomach after all the grass we ate)






Rose had to text all of her friends about feeling better and going to the park.

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