Rose The Red & her damned dirty ape

The dreaded Rose The Red and her villainous first mate Dr. Zaius have struck again. This morning I was getting all of us ready to take Natalie to work and was making great time. I was ready to put shoes on the feet of our outlaw when I noticed none were to be found. I looked everywhere for the things, but it was as if they had just disappeared.

I saw Rose playing with them earlier during the morning. So I knew that they had been in the living room. I scoured the place looking in all the usual nooks and crannies that things fall in around here.

Then I turned and glared at the rogue of this particular adventure. Where is the shoe you scoundrel, I asked. I know you have hid it, because you do not like to wear them. What have you done with it?

Her reply was simple and infuriating. She simply said with a coy smile, Who me?

I continued the search. It could not possibly be in her room, but I will look. I did a quick scan or the floor in her room and it was not there. As I was leaving I noticed that the lid to her toy box was cracked open. I shook my head in disbelief there is no way it is in here, I thought as I walked over. I lifted the lid and to my surprise it was in there.  It was not just laying in there. It was at the bottom under all of her various toys. I had been looking for this shoe for what seemed like days (could have been minutes). I lifted it up in triumph only to turn around and see her fleeing…



He is gonna try to put those leathery shackles on my feet.




You’re drunk on rum and bananas again aren’t  you?




I caught her this day, and I got her stolen shoes on her feet, but as soon as we returned they disappeared again.

I am sure the adventure will continue tomorrow…

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4 Responses to Rose The Red & her damned dirty ape

  1. Haha, thanks for the laugh this morning. Cute 🙂

  2. Danielle says:

    Kids are so funny. My daughter HATES wearing shoes and socks. I have found them in some concerning places let me tell you. Good idea at blaming the monkey!

  3. HAHAHAHA Dude you are a nut! I have to put shoes on my baby’s feet just to keep her SOCKS on! LMAO

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