You Suck!

I have not been blogging long. I do not have a lot of followers. Nor do I follow a lot of people. I have been reading Jared’s blog Lick The Fridge pretty much since the begining of my blogging career.  He is a very funny and witty writer. Like wise is Mitchel over at Thoughtful Pop.

I am giving a shout out to Lick The Fridge because of his latest post

A Twelve Step Program for Binky Addiction

The post had me rolling. All of you parents need to go read it.

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1 Response to You Suck!

  1. Jared Karol says:

    Josh, thanks so much for the awesome shout out. I am very appreciative. I’m glad to be following your blog as well. It’s a cool little community, isn’t it? Thanks again.

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