You can dance if you want to

Natalie is watching a movie called Young@Heart. If you know me, you also know it is a movie that I care nothing about. So I decided to blog a bit. I am going to blog about dancing, slavery, and bringing Rose up in a house that supports both, but make her understand how fun all can be when put together.

(before you think otherwise, I am not a bigot, racist, or any other form of bad person. I only think it is funny to enslave your spouse. Let me splain….no, no there is too much. Let me sum up.)

“Dancing and running shake up the chemistry of happiness”


So a few years back Natalie and I were watching AFV and there was a video that stuck with us. It was a montage of a couple that caught each other outside and locked the door. Then they proceeded to video them and made them dance to get back in.

My beautiful wife and I decided we should adopt what they were doing. So we started catching each other outside the locked car. We then would make the other dance to get back in. (granted I caught her a lot  more than she caught me)

We would slack off for a while and then one of us would catch the other off guard and it would happen again. Rose loves to dance. Even more she loves to see us dance or to join her in dancing. It gets her extremely excited.

Tonight I caught Nat outside on the porch. She was freezing on the other side of our sliding glass door in a pair of sweat pants and a blank tank top as her only clothing. She accidentally locked herself out there and was calling for me to free her from what would soon be her icy demise.

Being the loving husband that I am what was the first thing that I did? Rush to save her and get her cold feet off the concrete? hahahahaha No no no, actually I rushed to get the camera. I turned it  on myself for a slight introduction of the hilarity that would follow then immediately turned it on her, comanding that she dance to get back inside.

Unfortunately, the memory card was full and I did not get recorded footage of the event. Remembering the sex I was ever going to have again, I decided it was better to let her in then to have her wait for a memory card exchange.

I love the game. (even if it is turned onto myself) I will be doing it to her  until she is as old as this dame…










I promise that as soon as there is video documentation of  one of these events they will be my first vlog…

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7 Responses to You can dance if you want to

  1. This is 10 lbs of awesome in a 5 lb sack. I just want you to know how much I enjoy reading your stories and how I always am looking forward to another showing up in my inbox. Thanks for sharing with us, DG.

  2. Jared Karol says:

    Good stuff, Josh. My wife likes to dance too, although she’s teaching our kids some bad habits. . . 🙂 I agree with Mitchell, always love your posts.

  3. BWAAAAHAHAHAHAHA DUDE THAT’S AWESOME! If you Vlog it I will spread it for you! hahahahaha REMEMBER…..Karaoke ensues!

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