Who’s scruffy lookin?

Forbid a man to think for himself or to act for himself and you may add the joy of piracy and the zest of smuggling to his life


Hector Barbossa







Danny Archer








Malcolm Reynolds







Han Solo







Aside from being scruffy lookin nerf herders, all these fictional characters have one thing in common. They are all smugglers. They can get anything anywhere.  I do not know where she came about the talent, but we can add another name to the notorious list.

Nellie Rose Green

I do not know exactly where she came by the talent, (It couldn’t possibly be that she has seen each of those characters on the t.v. screen several times.)      but she has become notorious in the apartment.

You see that object in her mouth…Yeah that’s right it is a paci. Now she only gets her paci at bedtime.  She has never fought for it at any other time. (could be a reason for that)           She never gets one when she is upset, or cranky, and she is about to loose it at night. So back to my story. Why is there one in her mouth now you ask to this  super dad?

The answer is that my daughter is an expert smuggler. With her evil first mate Dr. Zaius looking on.

They sail through the apartment hiding their stolen loot everywhere. I never knew we had so many paci’s. I will walk into another room come back and Rose will have an infant pacifier in her mouth, and a look of mischievousness on her face.

I was thinking that I would scour the place looking for her loot, but I kinda like that she seems to know where they are. She never puts up a fuss in giving them up. I ask for it and she hands it over with a smile, as if she were saying I am giving you out of the knowledge we both share. That knowledge being I am smarter and craftier than you, and I can get this back when ever I want.

And well……she is smarter than I am. That is obvious. She pulls these things out of the most random of places. I believe the only way to locate these items is to buy off a member of her crew

to be continued.,..


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3 Responses to Who’s scruffy lookin?

  1. [rlh] says:

    Dr. Zaius looks like he could have his loyalty bought easily enough. How much do bananas go for these days?

  2. Danielle says:

    She is so stinking cute!

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