The misadventures of Daddy Green & Big Daddy Cutler

Last Wednesday Jack called me around noon.  He has had car troubles and wanted to know if I could give him a ride to an auto parts store, and then to his truck so that he could replace the part. I asked which store and he said one close to our work place. Considering that I feel I am similar to this guy…

(It’s Magellan people)

I assumed I would have no problem finding the road he lived on and the store and could get him their before the afternoon appointment I had with Rose.  So when Rose woke up I got her bag packed and some fresh clothes on her.  Then the two of us set out to find Jack. We made it up the mountain, and Rose was being her normal awesome self  humming in the back seat. We picked up Jack and then  us being the would be explorers that we are set out to find said auto parts store.

(Lewis & Clark)

We made a wrong turn somewhere and since Chattanooga’s roads were made by following a drunk goat with a bulldozer, (there is no direct way to get anywhere) it took us way off course. Forty minutes later Rose was still being sweet in the back seat waiting on us patiently to find our store so that she and I could get one with our day. In her head Jack and I probably looked less like Lewis and Clark and more like these two guys…


Luckily we did not run over any deer. Around an hour later we found a plethora of auto parts stores (three right next to each other actually), and he got his part. A hour and a half after I set out Rose was starting to get cranky, but still pretty calm despite us driving through the middle of no where.

My point is that Rose has a philosophers patience, and is the most well behaved child that two schmucks could get lost with…

We ended up going to the mall after we left Jack with his truck, and we rode the little train there like ten times. She didn’t want to get off of it…








(the conductor was very friendly)


We also watch kids get strapped into the reverse bungee jump thing for a while, and spent the rest of the time looking at adorable puppies. It was a very pleasant afternoon.

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4 Responses to The misadventures of Daddy Green & Big Daddy Cutler

  1. Sooooo ummmm in the “Tommy Boy”pic, I suppose I am the overly obese Chris Farley and you are the ultimately skinny David Spade? LOL It’s because I am fat isn’t it? Go ahead, say it…..MOOOOO BWAAAHAHAHAHAHAHAA! Although I do like the Lewis and Clark thought.

  2. LOL Yes you are cool! But that’s like a complete reversal if you did a side by side of us and them

  3. katie says:

    Glad everything ended up working out. 🙂
    And the two of you are pretty funny in the comments up there.

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