Day at the park

Yesterday I took Rose to one of our local parks. We met Deb there with her dog Anya (which she was taking to the dog park anyways). We walked in the dog park for a while and watched them play, but then Rose was wanting to get down (not shake her booty, but crawl around). So I walked out the gate to let her do so. She just sat there for a while. So I stood her up and let her go, and she stood all by her self.

(feel free to applause)

I held her hand and she walked everywhere. She never wanted to crawl and she never wanted to be held. For those of you that do not know Rose is not walking yet. She cruise the furniture, but doesn’t usually like to walk even if we hold her hands. I let go of her several times and she stood unassisted every time.

We are going back today and I think she will be joined by her friend Liam.

(it is ok if you were just slain by cute)

Today is going to be a beautiful day…

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2 Responses to Day at the park

  1. Katie says:

    I actually WAS just slain by the cuteness of it all.
    I miss that age soooo much. It goes quickly. Take it all in. Every moment, every accomplishment. {Though it sounds like you are already doing that!}

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