Love is a friendship caught on fire

Natalie and I met in late February 2003. We met in a large group of friends for dinner and then bowling. She was invited by a mutual friend of ours J. I thought she was very cute and funny upon our first meeting, but that was it. She was involved in a relationship at the time and I was 22 years old and no where near looking for one. I was enjoying dating and having no strings attached fun. (no I was not a whore, I just enjoyed dating)

Nat came back out with us a few times as long as J was there. Then We asked her to come out with the group when J wasn’t there. A few weeks later asked if she wanted to hang out with Just a couple of us. It was on that night that I realized just how much we had in common. I mean we could have both simply had a conversation in nothing but movie quotes the whole night. The next day she came to hang out with me at work (I partially owned a comic book store) After that day we were inseparable. We hung out together at least five times a week. This went on for a couple of months.

I never met her boyfriends during this time but she talked about him a lot, and I talked about the girls I was dating. We were best friends. Plain and simple I had never had a friendship as close as hers (I have and continue to have amazing friendships).

Our friendship grew and grew, everyday it was stronger. She ended up breaking up with her boyfriend in November, and I talked her into staying down here. We stayed “just friends until February. We talked and both agreed that dating would be the next step in our relationship.

(I want you to realize I am leaving loads out of this story to make it to the point I want to be)

Anyways, dating was just as natural as the rest of  our relationship had been. Until it came to the physical aspect (which I am an expert in).  It wan’t that either of us were doing anything wrong, we just had been friends for so long it was a little weird…at first.

Once we finally broke the damn of passion there was no stopping us. We both realized it was going to happen when we were out to see a movie, with Nat’s brother and gf that were in town. (sparing the tmi details) We got back to her place and was m,aking out on the couch after her brother and his gf went to bed.

Now in my head I was thinking finally (as most neanderthalis type guys do) I was going to have sex with the girl of my dreams. (don’t fuck it up) I picked her up and was gonna be all sexy like and spin around on the couch when CRACK! I blew my knee out and just landed on top of her. I was in the most excruciating pain of my life and all I could think about was how to salvage the situation.

Of course once she realized what had happened there was no salvaging anything. And I ended up just going home.

This is what a cock block used to have to be before we had a baby that somehow senses in mid sleep that her parents are in a frisky mood and decides to wake up screaming.


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3 Responses to Love is a friendship caught on fire

  1. Great story. My wife and I talk about kids being the best birth control available.

  2. Jared Karol says:

    dude, this is funny. Thanks for writing it so I don’t have to. . . 🙂

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