Stopping to enjoy the simple pleasures

Sunday morning, Natalie deals with putting Rose down for a nap while I struggle and try to carry ALL of the grocery bags in at once instead of making two trips. We put the grocery bags away and Natalie leaves with a friend to explore our local book store.

I am home alone with Rose, she is napping. So in essence I am home by my self. Now I could do the dishes, laundry or maybe even some other form of light cleaning. I do none of these things. Instead I am standing in front of our giant movie collection wondering what I should watch.

I hardly ever have the t.v. to my self, and now that I have tk421 I have been wanting to enjoy it with one of MY movies. I say my movies, because while Natalie and I both share a love for movies there are several great gems of cinema that she does not like.

Mad Max, The Road Warrior, Alexander,  Ben-Hur, Spartacus, and a few of the marvel movies just to name a few.  So I want to watch one of MY movies. I pick one out (after deciding for like ten minutes) I grab a soda turn the lights out and sit back to watch. I make it through the trailers at the beginning. (yeah I still watch them) The menu screen pops up and as soon as I hit play, screams burst out over the baby monitor.

Sigh… I pause MY movie in the first 30 seconds of viewing and travel to Rose’s room to see her standing in her crib crying as she chews on the railing. (I half think she is trying to chew her way  out.) Rose has pooped and woke her self up from her nap. (she generally naps for no less than a hour and a half most of the time it’s two hours) I clean her up and already know that she is not going back down right away. So we go into the living room and play.

She keeps hitting the same thing on her learning mail box and hearing the song let’s count to ten over and over….and over. I clap with her and count…over and over. All the while looking at the frozen screen of tk421 longing for movie greatness. We play for twenty minutes, and then I lay her back down.

I come back out, sit down, sip my soda, and prepare to enjoy my movie again and two minutes into it the phone rings.

(made me want to eat babies)

Sigh, I pause it again and answer it. It is a work friend wanting to talk about nothing. I entertain their notion all the while looking at tk421’s frozen screen. I come to the conclusion while half listening to my friend talk about nothing that I am not going to get to enjoy my movie.

I simply hit play for back ground noise as I do the dishes, laundry, and other minor cleaning tasks. I never thought I would take the simply pleasure of watching a movie for granted, but When I do get to enjoy one of MY movies it is a real treat.

It kinda makes it more enjoyable knowing that I can’t just do it any time I want.

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3 Responses to Stopping to enjoy the simple pleasures

  1. Jared Karol says:

    Great post, Joshua. That is one of the toughest things about being a dad, I’ve found. Not knowing how the long the nap is going to be. Glad you could look at it with humor. Happy New Year.

  2. Katie says:

    aaaaah parenthood.
    The joy.
    The annoyances.
    I wouldn’t trade it for the world. Would you?

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