Abused patience turns to fury.

I purchased a brand new 32″ t.v. in the year 1999. It was big and bulky, but at the time a very fine t.v.. A few years later the flat panel t.v. came out and I wanted one badly. However, I never blew my money on one, because good ole 1999 worked fine. As the years passed I continued longing for a new one, but since I am a creature of reason I could not justify it, because 1999 worked fine.

This year, two days before Christmas in fact, we came into some extra cash and I decided (with some coaxing from my wife) it was time to retire 1999 for a new model. (I decided not to break the news to him till we returned home) We ventured off to Wal Mart two days before Christmas. It was crowded and people were rude. We darted back to electronics, and quickly found the t.v. I wanted (it’s name is tk421) We purchased it with cash and the clerk put the sold sticker on the box. Then we decided to pick up some other small things for the house. We headed for the check out and then to the front door.

The little old lady at the door asked us for the receipt to the t.v.. I turned toward my wife waiting on her to give said receipt and saw her looking at me…Then I realized she was waiting on me to show her the receipt.  Somewhere between electronics and the front door we lost tk421’s receipt! Now we are not going into who is at fault (points finger at himself) that is not what this post is about.

I turned to my wife and told her to go back and look for the clerk, and I would look for tk421’s birth certificate on the ground. We both explained to the frightened old lady it was not her fault and we would be back. Then I went in search.

My search was short lived and I went to see if Natalie had any luck with the clerk. She was speaking to what could have easily been mistaken for the Crypt Keeper. Who told her he didn’t know where the clerk went and we should try customer service. So we went to customer service which looked like this

I then decided to leave Natalie there and I would go look for the receipt again. I was geting weird looks from The Crypt Keeper as my nose was glued to the floor. Then I saw the kid that sold me tk421. I ran up and asked if he remembered me, and he nodded like he was expecting me to ask him out.

I explained my situation and he said that is no problem and for me to follow him to his manager. I followed the young man to the front, where he explained the situation to his manager. The manager told me that was no problem and told me he could print me a new one over in the eye care center.  I called Natalie and told her she could leave the fourth circle of hell and join me with thew manager.

He logged into the computer and while it was loading told us he would just need the time we bought it “approximately” and how much we spent. We told him and we continued to wait for the computer to load. Forty minutes (seriously) later it loaded and he started looking. We told him it was around six. He started laughing and explained that the computer stopped logging the receipts at 5:45 and started back at 6:10…

The oldest Tibetan monks would have been proud of my patience for on the outside I looked as peaceful as  this…

Even though deep down inside I looked more like this.

He then had one of his assistants go look at the camera and watch us buy it (which took about ten minutes) and he printed us a receipt. As we walked to the front door I held the new receipt to show the door person who had been replaced. The new greeter did not even want to look at the damn thing.

So what could have been 20 minutes turned out to be a hour and a half ordeal. All is well though, our sanity is in tact and tk421 is sitting proudly on it’s table displaying movies in brilliant color. Poor old 1999 is waiting for his new home patiently by the front door.

The family is all shocked by tk421’s picture like this


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4 Responses to Abused patience turns to fury.

  1. Jared Karol says:

    funny stuff – **cking WalMart! They’ll get you every time. . .

  2. Shemaiah says:

    Oh wow. That is quite a story!

  3. Katie says:

    Sounds like old 1999 set you up. It must’ve know what you were up to. Congrats on living through and experience at walmart 2 days before Christmas. I admire your tenacity and bravery.
    Also, congrats on the new tv!

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