Amor est vitae essentia

I am an extremely happy man. Seriously. I have always thought that you situation is what you make it. If you are having a bad day or are in a negative mood, it is because you accept it and don’t want to change it around.

I have been happy most of my life. I have never been wealthy or famous, but my life from childhood as been filled with love, encouragement, and positivity. It allowed me to grow into a fairly confident adult. I feel that I can find the good in the worst situation and focus on it.  I never thought I could be happier, and then I met her…

She is beautiful isn’t she? Actually the face I fell in love with looked a little more like this…

Since I met my wife, we have been best friends. She makes me laugh harder than I ever have before. She fills my life with more love, laughter, and peace than I have ever known(and that’s saying a lot).

I feel like I have known her over a hundred different life times. We are very different people, but at the same time we are the same. I am not the writer (or a writer for that matter) that can successfully put into words how I feel about her. I am not sure that anyone could.  I am simply going to end the post with one of the many motto’s I live by..

Love is the essence of life.


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5 Responses to Amor est vitae essentia

  1. Jared Karol says:

    Very nice, Joshua. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Katie says:

    That was very sweet!
    Your wife is absolutely beautiful.
    Love the orange in the mouth pic.
    It’s so true that those are the kinds of moments that make people fall in love.

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