put on a jacket you damn Kanuks

Any of you that know me, know that I am a huge comic book fan. Any of you that did not know that, I am a huge comic book fan. I have been since I was old enough to read them. I like just about anything superhero related.

My friend Viet recently custom made me a Northstar figure.

I read comics to Rose all the time. So when I saw the fig, I broke out some Alpha Flight comics to read with her. I got to thinking as I read them. It is really cold out side and these guys fight villains in Canada. It is like -20 degrees there on a regular basis. They fight crime there in tights.

Granted they are in tights, but it was never stated when the team was formed that they were heated. I believe that Sasquatch will be ok, but Puck and Wolverine have no sleeves. I can’t imagine that Dr. Doom would grant quarter so that the team could go warm their toes and have some coco.

I do not know why I just thought of this today. It could be that I am still cold from taking the garbage out, but I believe they need a change of uniform.

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5 Responses to put on a jacket you damn Kanuks

  1. Joel Gates says:

    Puck’s pretty freaking hairy, but why don’t the rest wear fur? Or at least faux fur. Isn’t it always cold in Canada? When I lived in Michigan and New York it was freezing. Even in the summer, there were lots of sweatshirt days. Maybe they are all just toughter than me (which is not saying much) but I am with you. If I were making a Canadian superhero team, they would be dressed like (ha ha) Santa Claus.

    • daddygreen says:

      well I think Guardians suit was heated… Northstar was an Olympic skier so he is proly good being a speedster, Sasquatch is good, but the rest would be to numb to do anything in my opinion.

    • daddygreen says:

      Santa may be a good member with his ability to make rifts in space/time and his obvious elasticity, control over animals and resistance to cold…

  2. Jack says:

    Come on!!! They are Superheroes! Why would they need fur? Did Superman need fur when he flew into outer space and spin the earth in reverse to save Lois Lane? It’s cold in space! LMAO

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