It came without ribbons! It came without tags! It came without packages, boxes, or bags!

The other day a close friend asked me if Natalie and I were getting Rose’s picture taken with Santa this year or if we thought she was too young. He asked me this with a huge smile on his face full of excitement.

Nope, I replied, I am not sure we will be doing the whole Santa thing with our kids. You would have thought he was looking at The Grinch incarnate. His look of excitement turning quickly to “why would you shatter her little world”

The fact is friend of mine, we are not shattering anything. I am going to play the Santa card by ear. I am all about myths and story telling. I will encourage my little girl to have a HUGE imagination. As I do my self. If she wants to know the origins of Santa I will gladly tell her the stories. I am not going to (this is my opinion) dupe her from childhood. If she is anything like her old man she is going to see the hole in the Santa story anyhow. So why make myself look like an idiot. If she wants to believe I will go all out to please her.

Christmas has always been a different holiday for me. I am not a Christian me and the J.C. don’t see eye to eye on a lot of things (that is for another post) So Christmas has always been celebrated around me my whole life as I was dragged along. The holiday to me is all about family. Getting together celebrating the end of another year before ushering in the new one.
I am not a grinch I love this season. I love how full of life everyone gets and I love that others start showing their generosity. I just don’t know why Santa is needed. I would rather my little girl respect her parents enough to be good in all ways out of love for us, than for fear of the fat peeping tom watching her all year…

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10 Responses to It came without ribbons! It came without tags! It came without packages, boxes, or bags!

  1. Joel Gates says:

    Check out this Mom’s post for a perspective from someone who didn’t get the chance to believe or not believe.

    It’s a tough question, to be sure. I say that, but admit that it was never tough for me. We’ll celebrate Santa till I die. Santa still leaves presents for m at my Mom and Dads. Why? Because it’s magical and we love it.

    I know some people choose not to go with this. I think it’s because of the fear around discovery. I don’t buy into the “you’re lying to your kids!” notion. I don’t lie to my kids. I know you’re not a believer and I respect that, but for someone to believe in something that they can’t see does not make them an idiot.

    For me, Santa is real. He’s real because of the people he’s based on. He’s real because people take all of their generosity and personify it in this person. Regardless of how he started or the argument around the commercialization of Christmas or what have you. Today, Santa represents love, goodness, kindness, charity and a lot of things missing from the world. If I have to help him out occasionally, then so bet it. That’s what I’ll do. One day, someone else can carry that torch. To not have him in my life would be the death of something really magical for me.

    If my kids know or not…doesn’t matter to me. I gave them the chance to believe. I didn’t decide for them. If you feel that it was a dupe (a lie) and that when our kids find out they think we are idiots then I would a) disagree and b) encourage you to go with your gut and not celebrate Santa.

    I would hope you would caution your daughter to be sensitive to other kids around Christmas. Whether you believe or not, whether you understand or not, it’s indescribably important to the rest of us. And remember, all magic is only magic until the illusion is stripped away and then it can never be put back. Real or not, people love magic.

    • Mommy Boots says:

      To us and our family, Christmas isn’t about Jesus. It’s not about Santa. It’s about family, about the spirit of giving, and about being together. We don’t need a figurehead like Santa to celebrate, but we also aren’t putting down people who feel Santa (or Jesus) are an essential part of their core holiday traditions and hold a special place in their hearts. That’s fine. I plan on teaching Nellie to respect the beliefs that other children hold as far as Santa goes because I do know that it’s an important part of the magic of Christmas for a lot of folks. It’s just not for us. It never was for me as a child, and I never once felt deprived of anything. To me, Christmas holds memories of family, of music, of togetherness. Christmas to me is caroling, cousins, Christmas lights and being with the ones I love. Santa has nothing to do with it and I am absolutely fine with that. I think that the magic of Christmas is about the traditions you create with your family, whether those traditions center around Santa Claus or not.

      I think it’s important to remember that just as Santa is a vital part of who you are at Christmas, it’s not a vital part of everyone and there’s nothing wrong with that. To me, it’s more important to teach Nellie gratitude toward the people in her life who give her gifts than to believe that a mythical figure in a red suit brings them to her if she’s good all year. I have absolutely nothing against those who believe in Santa, I don’t think that you’re an idiot. It’s a part of who you are just as deeply as it’s NOT a part of who I am.

    • Mommy Boots says:

      P.S. I didn’t mean to sound snarky or mean, I realize the tone kind of came across that way but I didn’t mean it like that at all. I was just kind of expanding on what Josh had said.

  2. daddygreen says:

    I am not telling Rose not to believe in Santa, when she is old enough to ask questions I will answer them and let her decide for her self if she wants to believe or not. Like I said if she wants to I will go all out with it, I am just not telling her to believe in it.

    I encourage her imagination in all things, but if she does not want it then there will be no place for Santa here

  3. Joel Gates says:

    I hope I didn’t sound judgmental. It’s not in my nature at all to judge. Just wanted to share my perspective. I didn’t take your response as snarky either. Thanks for the clarification though.

  4. Joel Gates says:

    Sorry to disappoint. I can’t debate heatedly. I am too loathe to offend, seem judgmental or try and change someone’s mind.
    I love to discuss though! And I can always agree to disagree.
    I did notice that in our Santa discussions, we mentioned Christ a couple of times. I understand that to a nonbeliever those two may go in the same category, but I should point out to God, the Universe, Christ and Santa that I do see them as very different. One is very, very important to me, but the other is…well, sacred. We can discuss that one another time! : )

  5. Michelle says:

    We probably will not do Santa with Liam either. I don’t mind the magic and fantasy of it at all; I think Santa Claus stories, songs, plays etc. are a fun part of the holiday and we will include them in our traditions but I really do not like the idea of trying to convince him something is true when I know it is not. It makes me uncomfortable. We haven’t quite broken that to our family yet though-mine never did Santa for religious reasons.. but I do think Ryan’s family will be a bit disappointed.

    • daddygreen says:

      They will get over it. I am a traditionalist and I love carrying on family traditions, but I also believe not all of them need to be carried over. Also, you have your family and YOUR own family. Sometimes it is good to start your own traditions.

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