It’s not easy being Green

When I was younger I had a very special relationship with my Dad. I am the youngest of four children. He had very healthy, but very different relationships with all of us. I considered mine very special.   I always thought myself to be more like him than the rest of my siblings. Something they may disagree with. He and I both share a love of history and of family history. He and I are the only ones that can name all of our ancestors back four generations. I never got into the whole hunting thing the way my brothers did, but he respected the fact that I spoke my mind to him and didn’t do it just to please him. I didn’t like to hunt, but I loved to be outside with him.

He used to take me (just me) fishing on a regular basis.  He used to tell me what it meant to be a Green. Things like having integrity, loyalty, and honor. He taught me first hand (and sometimes back hand) what it meant to be a honest person and why it is important.

We Greens“, he would say to me,”we allways follow through with what we said we were going to do“, and “a man has not got anything in this world if he dooesn’t have his word”. People have always flocked to my Father with their problems, and I have seen him time and time again drop what ever he is doing to help them. He taught me a lot, but I learn most of these qualities from watching him interact with people instead of listening to his words.

Every father should remember that one day his child will follow his example instead of his advice

I have more admiration and respect for my Dad than any other person I have ever known. I feel like if I become half the Dad he was and still is to me I will be great. I have always Idolized him.

I have already started telling Nellie about her family and where we come from (I may take certain story teller liberties with certain facts), but I have told her none the less. I want her to learn why these qualities are so important. I want her to learn these things like I did, from watching her father. I have to strive (harder than I already have) to live up to them and SHOW her the way.

I am a very different man than my father in a lot of ways, but I hope the traits I do have are his good ones.

Try not to become a person of success but rather try to become a person of value.  ~Albert Einstein

I hope that she has some of his good ones too…

Rose and her Pop

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5 Responses to It’s not easy being Green

  1. Shemaiah says:

    Excellent points!! I can certainly attest that you have followed in your Dad’s example of helping others! Thanks for being there over the years! 🙂


    Wow. I am behind on reading these posts and this one caught me in the heart today! Being a Green myself, I have to say that it isn’t exactly an easy name to carry and I can attest to what you posted about your Dad. All of the Green men are hard to love, but you are always better for it if you can get past that gruff exterior, they are all big softies! This family (extended) that we grew up in, was blessed with a plethora of different personalities, strong opinions and pure hardheadedness. Most of us have refused to ever give up or give in to anything. I am proud of everyone of us who have managed to survive to adulthood and are better people for the raising that we had in Green’s Mill! I love you guys! Merry Christmas and I wish we could see each other more often!

  3. Like Donna I am behind on reading, so I caught up today. I had to let you know that I love each of you guys. I am proud to call you my family. Your Dad has helped out my family so much. You have a great Dad and you have so much of his character. I will never forget you and Tim taking that bed upstairs (or was it down the stairs) at my Dads. Wishing we could all hang out more. Have a Merry Christmas!

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