Gone Baby Gone

My little girl is growing up in front of my eyes, and she is doing it way too fast. It seems like only yesterday I was holding her little hands while the nurses cleaned her up. She was so tiny, so fragile.

As the next couple of months (days) passed she was holding her head up, smiling, grabbing things with her hands. Even though I was soaking those moments up I realized they were passing by at high speed.

She started sleeping unswaddled, and started rolling over about the same time. Soon after that she started not liking us to hold her/rock her to sleep. She has to do it on her own in her crib(credit to my wife). So there are no more night time cuddles while she sleeps in our arms.

Then she started crawling, and having play dates with friends.

My little Rosebud is almost 11 months old now. Where has this year gone? She has four teeth, and more are breaking through. The Green house is bottle free now because she drinks out of her sippy cups. Last night she fed herself with her own spoon a few times before dumping her food in her lap. So I know it will not be long before I wont be able to feed her, because her vicious sense of independence will not allow it.(also from her mother)

She crawls into everything now, but before she does she looks over her shoulder at me giving me a smile as if to say “check this action out”. She is cruising along the furniture on her feet (again giving me the same smile over the shoulder). She has no problem standing on her own.

She is also wanting to walk independent from her furniture crutch and will take a free step before falling on her rump.

I know with what is going to seem like tomorrow she is going to be giving me that over the shoulder smile just as she is about to drive out of the driveway for the first time by herself….And when that happens I am going to cry like a baby.

My Rosebud

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