Sometimes being a brother is even better than being a superhero

My brother Tim is coming over today. He is going to hang out with Rose and I until we all go watch Natalie sing tonight.

Tim is my brother, but more over he is my best friend. He has been since I can remember. I have never known another relationship that I have held as close until I met Natalie.  I am glad to see that relationship has carried on to my daughter, because she absolutely adores him.

I hope Natalie and I can have the type of open relationship with Rose that she feels comfortable coming to us with anything (even if it means I will want to kill some would be suitor), but if she doesn’t feel comfortable I am glad she has someone else she can go to. Sometimes no matter how comfortable your are with your parents you still can’t tell them everything. It may be  out of fear of judgment or disappointment you just can’t talk about it.

No matter what happens in her world, no matter what happens to me or her mother, I know he will also be there for her.

She will always have her Uncle Tim. Just like I did growing up, and that fills me with a lot of comfort.

Rose and Uncle Tim Thanksgiving

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2 Responses to Sometimes being a brother is even better than being a superhero

  1. Joel Gates says:

    You and your brother are superheroes! It is great to have family you can rely on.

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