My mornings off

Life around here has been pretty interesting lately. My job gives me plenty of one on one time with Rose. I work twelve hour shifts. So I work two day and I am off two days, and get every other three day weekend off. We opted to not do day care right now. My mother watches her when Nat is at work, and I watch her when I am off.

It seems lately that Rose has hit several milestones all at once. She just started saying mama on a regular basis, she is crawling great, and she is standing on her own right now. So I am on my toes a lot more than I once was, and No has become a regular word of my vocabulary.

My mornings off revolve around breakfast a little playtime, and then I may be able to sneak a workout in while she naps. We go for a jog most mornings that I am off. Then back for more play time.

I would like to give stay at home moms a standing applause today, because I have no idea how they have more than one kid to take care of, clean the house, cook lunch and dinner, do the shopping, and still keep their sanity. I love taking care of Rose. I would not have it any other way, but it occupies my time to the point where it is hard to find time to do other things.

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