to my Rosebud

I don’t know who wrote this originally, but with a few changes I tell her this all the time.

There is no book to the journey of life

and the road you are destined to be mother or wife

will seem at times to have bedrock of fear

but never forget Rosebud, I am always near.


Watch for souls who like trees root in soil

for that their heart is the thing they will spoil

don’t let them lead you down alleys of dark

where you’ll be forced to protect your light and your heart


Some live as victors and challenge the past

some never get there and live as a cast

I know of life that the road is not clear

but you have your Dad Rose, I am always here


There is no map to the journey of life

so live to be whole not just girlfriend or wife

souls like ours need pasture and plane

and your soul my love will be restless again and again


As you journey ahead your spirit will speak

it is for home you are heading, it is home you seek

where that is only you can find,

let your heart lead and just follow behind


While I am out here ahead in some way

I hope the signs I write, you’ll find on your way

read them and do what you will

at the end of the day it’s your heart to fulfill


If there were a book to the journey of life

yours would be bound with the pain of my strife

It would heal, protect, and ease your pain

and help you find your feet again


The words would be written with the depth of my love

and never forget your dad is with you

on earth or above


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